Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nayyy :(

My AEIS result came out yesterday and guess whut I FAIL. It was pretty disappointing tho but I've expected it before so I kinda not really shocked about that. Mom said she wasn't really disappointed but I think she expects me to be GENIUS PANT. Know what that means? She friggin wants me to spend my free time playing around studying. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??? Then I was like hell no,momma! Therefore I'll be a nerd robot boo ya -.-
I'll probably take another tests on February. It's for getting a scholarship. My mom put soooo many efforts so I can get in there aka anywhere in Singapore. D'aww thanks mommy yur the best :_) but still there are TONS AND TONS things that should be prepared. I fear of being stress :( no joke!